Slow Ageing Essential Bath & Shower Essence


Juniper, rose geranium, cypress and rosemary 100% pure and active essential oils restore and rebalance body and mind for total relaxation while easing away aches and pains. Vitamin E-rich natural hazelnut oil deeply nourishes and soothes the epidermis; skin is left velvety and deliciously scented.

Use for bathing or showering at any time to:

    • Rehydrate & nourish leaving skin feeling soft & smooth.
    • Fight the damaging free radicals to slow the effects of skin ageing.
    • Renew & protect skin cells.
    • Calm & soothe minor skin irritations.
    • De-stress & restore a state of relaxation & harmony.
    • Leave skin delicately fragranced with natural essential oils.

Pour one capful into the bath under running water, or apply directly to the skin before showering. To supercharge the benefits, pour half a capful into the bathtub and massage the other half directly to the body using our Skin’ergy Massage technique before you step into the water. Watch our Skin’ergy Massage tutorial video to learn more.

Slow beauty booster:​ Allow 15 minutes for a bath one to three times a week and follow our Slow Ageing Essentials Guided Meditation.


Slow Ageing Essentials

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