Slow Ageing Essential Face Balm


Intensively nurturing shea and cocoa seed butters plus beeswax, hazelnut and jojoba seed oils to restore plumpness to skin deep down while you sleep. Feeding skin with vitamins and essential fatty acids as well as antioxidant essential oils, this spa-in-a-jar, skin-saving salve rescues an unhappy complexion.

Use at night, after cleansing with either Essential Gentle Face Cleanser or Essential Face Wash, to:

    • Transform a dry, depleted complexion to visibly nourished, comfortable & glowing.
    • Soothe, soften & calm skin anywhere.
    • Quench skin deep down to re-set moisture levels.
    • Re-energise tired, stressed skin leaving it balanced & revitalised.

Your PM Slow routine:

1. Cleanse with Essential Gentle Face Cleanser or Essential Face Wash to rid skin of the day’s makeup and grime;

2. 1-3 times a week apply Essential Face Balm using Skin-ergy self-massage to restore softness and renew skin deep down.


Slow Ageing Essentials

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