Slow Ageing Essential Face Moisturiser


Oceanic biopolymers, seaweed polyphenols and supercharged antioxidants restore the skin’s natural barrier leaving all skin types smoother, firmer and hydrated. Also neutralises damage from pollution, UV and stress while boosting the effects of Facial Essence.

Use every morning, after Essential Facial Essence to:

    • Neutralise free radicals & shield against collagen degradation from UV light, pollution & stress.
    • Soften, smooth & increase suppleness.
    • Strengthen the skin’s natural defences & reduce moisture loss.
    • Hydrate & smooth the epidermis to plump skin & lessen fine lines.
    • Create a silky base for makeup.

Your AM & PM Slow routine:

1. Cleanse skin of impurities and makeup with either Essential Gentle Cleanser or Essential Face Wash (you’ll only need a tiny amount);

2. Apply Essential Facial Essence using Skin-ergy self-massage to boost radiance and maximise absorption of your moisturiser;

3. Massage in Essential Face Moisturiser to face, neck and decolletage for daylong protection and nourishment.


Slow Ageing Essentials

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