Slow Ageing Essential Gentle Cleanser


Nourishing natural coconut oil cleansers and 3-tier active antioxidant essential oils gently yet thoroughly remove all traces of makeup, sebum, daily grime and pollution. Light, luxurious but ultra-effective to leave every complexion fresh, soft, clear and primed to absorb Essential Facial Essence.

Use every morning and night to:

    • Rid skin of all impurities for a clear, bright complexion
    • Calm, soothe, balance & rejuvenate
    • Soften, smooth & increase radiance
    • Nourish & soften the epidermis
    • Prime skin for absorption of Essential Facial Essence

Your AM & PM Slow routine:

1. Cleanse skin of impurities and makeup with Essential Gentle Face Cleanser;

2. Apply Essential Facial Essence using Skin-ergy self-massage to boost radiance and maximise absorption of moisturiser;

3. Massage in Essential Face Moisturiser to face, neck and decolletage for daylong protection and nourishment.


Slow Ageing Essentials

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